(30 bottles)      EASY PRICING     (Quality Guarantee)

$50.00 for ferment service included!    And note there is no-tax on juice!
Certain varieties can only truly be appreciated with higher volumes so aren’t available in 5 Litre kits but most are.  In most cases the higher volumes require a little longer to ferment and additional filtering but a few extra days patience pays off in quality!
10 Litre wines start at-$147.50
Our most popular, every flavour available to create wines with depth and character.
16 Litre wines start at-$173.50
Full-bodied and robust, a premium wine that will improve with time.
Bold in tastes and aromas.
23 Litre wines-$190.50   *no water added
International sterile must is the ultra-premium choice for those who appreciate cellar quality wines that can mature to greatness in 6-12 months.
If you’re new to wine making, it may seem a little confusing. We get that. So let’s break it down.  Every recipe creates 23 Litres (30 bottles) of finished wine. All finished red and white wines are 12.5% Alc. And the fruit wines vary from 6%-9%. The more juice you start with the higher the intensity of flavours.
So relax, have fun choosing from our vast menu and please CONTACT US with your questions or visit our FAQ for more information.
5 Litre wines- $117.50
Light and easy to enjoy.
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